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Monday, May 30, 2011

Slack Crafter

that is what I am, I have a craft room/ironing/junk room, I have all day home to myself, but do you think I can get any thing done?? No , just not happening, I seem to have dirty washing, and clean coming out of the thin air, ( cold at this time of year here)  so many clothes to deal with, so much every day mess & dust blah blah, I'm just over trying to be the only cleaner/tidier person in this family. I have to have things done before I can ever sit & craft so I need to forget that & do some thing, one thing different & new every day. I have this killer sore throat that I've had all week, last night I could hardly swallow, I know, " go to the Dr " you might say but that is easier said then done,  1 hours drive, 2 hours waiting to see said Dr that by the way I'd have to wait 2 weeks for the appointment in the first place. Just do not feel like dragging my self through all that to be told, oh you have a virus sorry can't help you!!!! Have some rest,  right !!! As most Mothers know what is rest when you are the one keeping every one else moving etc. Can't sleep any way as I wake just to swallow.

Sorry for the rant, hope you can at least have a grin at me, if you do then please leave a comment so that I know I've given the gift of a smile to you today :) We all need smiles to keep us going. With that I'll go check my busy washing machine & keep inventing the Mummy Robot that will do everything!!!!

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