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Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet the girls.

Daisy, Petal & Rose, our future food producers we hope ( eggs) Mum gave DD them to her for 7th B'day.
Top secret mission with these photos so I will just show the unfinished book for now.
Will add in some pages in a week or two!! We have made a girly one too.
This is my new favorite tool. Everything is good about this machine, nothing bad that I can see!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

This fish...........called Cassy after DD's best friends (who happens to be a girl, the fish is a boy but can be called a girl names as He is red) has been making lots of air bubbles, I googled it, got to love google how can any one not know something with that at our finger tips??? No excuses dumb people ha ha
Any way the verdict was that only the Males make these bubbles, YES the fish is truly a BOY , when this happens it means that they wish a female would get in the tank with them and lay eggs in the bubble nest.
Wow isn't that info making your day so much more interesting.
Here is Cassy that wants babies in his nest.
Thought for Wednesday  is ..............jump in puddles!!
Count Down is on.............

Waiting for the stork to bring this baby via family delivery tomorrow

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day All

DD & I tried to make Valentines day special, DH & DS2 tried too, but thanks to DS1 the beautiful meal & photo that I have planned to get ( us all dressed in red/family pic) did not happen. The meal did the photo didn't!!!
 I feel really down & sad that no matter how hard I try & DD too, we can't get this backward family of ours to all be happy at the same time.
I feel like giving up. Here are the little treat bags I make up, they have lip gloss or face cream/cleanser/back rub in them with some chocky's depending on which one got each bag!!! DD got the one with lip gloss!!!

After being told that I was fat & looked like Grandma I felt like putting the silly bags over my head & running into the darkness of the Australian Bush!!!!

Help look who came after Mum & Dad's arrival, this little scary person.
Birthday Girl turned 7 , where did those years go?? Here she is with the Barbie cake , I tried to make a skirt for Barbie out of cake, but her legs were too long, so had to make a material one as well!!
She had a wonderful day with a little friend over for a sleep over, a  surprise visit from Grandad & Grandma
 ( my parents) that came with 3 chickens for a gift.
Ok I know I have been missing in blog world, but I have had to deal with this and this is half the pile, not to mention getting it all on to our computer program too. I am almost done, both the pile & in the head!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

So much is happening that I hardly know where to start!!!

We got home from hospital, DD recovered very well, no problems at all.

Rosey gave my blog a make over too, Thank you very much

Then the very next week we had back to school, which was  busy week taking DD to settle into year 2, running DH in to Dr's as he still has alot of pain in his shoulder, so he has been taking too many pain killers & we still haven't got too the bottom of what is wrong. He is going to try phsyo and see how he goes with that. He is sleep better so hopefully he is getting better.

 On the crafting front, I am happy to say that I got a few more UFO's finished, I'm going to do them all before I start any thing new!!! The ones I want to do that is, the ones that I don't I will donate!!!!!

Making a few doll bits & pieces as we have a 7th B'day looming up soon too, so it's all go here.

Plus to top all this off I have my DS1's first GF ( GIRL FRIEND) coming for a visit this week end, so I have been cleaning and stressing like the mad women that I am. Help ..........I feel too young to be sooooo old with my Sons getting GF's etc.
DD is crossing her fingers & toes that said GF will play Barbies with her, I can only hope that we all get on great.

I ponder what to say, do I want to scare her away , warn her of my son's temper or what?????

That is the question, I guess like most tricky/hard/weird days it usually passes and we survive and become stronger for your experiences. This sure seems like  huge one to me, with a huge TITLE  = Sleep over Rules!!!!

Also I have been taking my POD for this year, so far so good, I have been inspired by these beautiful printables that I plan to use in my SMASH book. There are so many wonderful free goodies on pinterest, if you aren't already on there , what are you waiting for???

Also still thinking about my OLW = Fun, so much to do this year!!!!

Until next time stay safe & happy & please have some FUN. xx