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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Own Website with Creata Direct

Miche Hand Bags!!!!

Big News I now have my very own web page with Creata Direct that you can all order through, all by your selves !!!! Happy shopping, check out the sales that are on at the moment.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Christmas to you all, we're spending time with our DS1 & his partner!! Best Wishes for a Happy New year in 2013.

Friday, November 16, 2012

So much happening, Tonight is the Graduation Dinner of my Son's gf, so we will be all dressed up and going out!!! Looking forward to tomorrow for it to be over & I plan to go to town and pick up my first ever brought brand new lounges they are  ( RED) can't wait I have dreamed about getting them for years.
Also have next week to look forward to a visit form one of my best friends :) safe travels Cathy!!!!

I hope that by next Tuesday night we have

  • trimmed the garden = chainsaw it
  • Got my shelves back up in my craft room
That'd be a good start so I'm really needing my DH to help with most of it.
Until then I really need to get my POD = Photo of the Day to get caught up, I'm so far behind with it this year that I get a fright every time I think about dates & the lurking ghost of Santa in the back of my mind, a Santa with no presents yet!!!!

But then what to get a 7 year old DD that has almost every thing, she doesn't want any more toys
her list goes like

  • Laptop computer
  • Four wheeler motor bike
  • guitar
  • Puppy
  • Camera
All huge things!!!

Until my next random post, and if any one ever reads this, have a safe , happy time getting ready for the special time that is Christmas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well as I'm meant to be doing our business tax, I  have just up dated my blog, cleaned out all the old links that went no where , changed the look, also doing lots of other stuff that is not the tax :( I'm very bad just really struggle to do it and do everything else instead, mean while I'm stressing like mad.................crazy women blogs here what else can I say!!!

Well the scraproom has been painted, with DH's help we've made 5 flat pack white cupboards, but as my shelves aren't back up or painted yet I have no finished photos to share yet!! Boring yes.

We've had some really wonderful week ends with all kids home together & the Boys GF's, they have the best girl friends ever and we all get on so good that I have just got 2 new daughters. So now we have 2 Sons with us, 1 above, and 3 Daughters, and here I was wanting only a smallish family LOL
Feeling very blessed to have these people in our lives, through in some good friends, more family and what more could we need? Nothing at all. Happy Day to you all. I think I'll sneak out of the office to look for a cuppa & chocolate before doing some washing etc, I also need to find a rope to tie my self to the chair & finish my tax.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The painting is coming along great, just have one more coat of white to go on the trims, then get my hubby to build my 3 cupboards, I have also ordered my DD a pretty white desk , with hutch. Not quite sure what I'll use for a table yet though!!!! Watch this space

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello,  It's crazy how busy this year has been, just not much internet time as we've been so busy living!!! Cattle work at the moment , plus trying to learn to water ski, that is sorting out the muscles big time, I feel so sore. Also I'm about to starting my scrap room so watch this space!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pictures of my life!!

What can I say , I've managed to have 2 mini beach holidays, spend some time with my family & friends,  eat some yummy food,

Spend 3 days with my life long best friend,

 Drive the school bus & teachers aide one day a week,

brought a new washing machine after my old one had played up for a year it was time!!! So you guessed it, it's already on it's 5th load since being installed last night.

I'm happy that I can wash again & it'll be done when I check it.....................happy dance !!!

I take out the slackest blogger award hands down.................as you all know it's now July almost August, just letting you all know that I'm ok just terrible busy, have also been really sick for the last month & a half with Whooping Cough, have cut down my internet time because I'm just in survival mode & that takes up all my time!!!
I hope to get my life back one of these months. Until then you might not see much happening here :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello my dear blog followers, you will be wondering what the heck is there to follow when I hardly write any thing. HUGE SIGH sorry , just so you know that I haven't got stuck in a hollow log in the deep bush lands of our place. Here I am with the challenge that I have been trying to keep up. A Photo A day In May, pretty easy really, just need to think about what these different words etc mean to your self & go take some photos, I love taking photos but at times I feel really burnt out & dream of traveling to new areas for fresh things to photograph. But any way I'm enjoying this one, I will put the instructions & my take on them at each photo, if you too are doing this please comment with your blog link as I would love to see what every one else is doing. here is the lady that started of this idea so thank you for your inspiration Chantelle.

 1.  Peace.   To me a Baby sleeping = Peace to the Mother!!
 2. Skyline      Sunset in the west over a neighnours paddock
 3. Some thing you wore today.  My trustly mud boots to keep the grass seed & snakes away!!
 4. Fun.     Playing with our cutest kittens is fun.
 4. Bird.       My best freind Lorna gave me these birds, I was sad as I dropped them & had to glue back together!!
 6.You.   Well this is me, not a bad photo if I say so myself LOL
 7. Someone that inspires you.      My Daughter, there isn't a day that goes my that her love & happiness doen't touch & I want to be a Mummy worthy of Her.

 8. A smell you adore.   Mine would always be rain on dust, that smell when you have hope that a long drought is about to break and there will be better greener days ahead.
9. something you do everyday.   For me the one thing that I seem to do is wash, almost every day with out fail :) I know boring but thats me!!!!

Thank you for looking, I will up date again soon. Bye xx

Friday, April 6, 2012

Have a Happy Easter every one, after having a fast visit to my Dad & Mum's and Sister & her little family I'm home exhusted.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost ..............
A whole mouth that is, where did it go I have no idea
in this month I

Started a new job ( teachers aiding) =  FUN

Cleaned out my sons room , getting ready for painting
Drove the school bus a few times
Went to a 2 day quilting work shop
Started yet another quilt ( This one's for DD 7 )
A trip to visit my Son who's studying engineering (very proud of him)
Helped my DD sew a mermaids tail
Did all the Boring Mother stuff ( cooking, cleaning , caring) oops & bill paying!!!!
Had a few family movie nights out
Caught up with some old friends for lunch
Did the whole nasty 2 yearly Dr check up ( then stressed, but every things ok)
Had a few long winded chats on the phone
Looked at my Scrapbooking Papers & dreamed a bit
Pulled some weeds
Watched lots of rain fall 7 inches in a week or 175mm
Drooled over lots of beautiful crafts on pinterest
Tooth Fairy job x 2 times ( DD top teeth )
Checked out the New Shopping Centre ( have been waiting 20 years for this one)
Gee how old do I sound waiting 20 years blah blah get a grip not on the slide down yet!!!!

I'm sure I will remember lots more, all the little things that happen and we never write down, I need to set myself some strict goals

I need to
Get healthy & exercise more
Time management
Cleaning program ( small amounts often)
Get a gardener ( ha ha ha in my dreams, I cleaner would come 1st)
Have some date nights with DH.
See the fun in the everyday ( still struggling with this)
Catch up on my Scrapbooking
Finish UFO's or donate them to the aliens!!
Sleep in more LOL

Until my next breath catching moment stay tuned, Bye x

Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet the girls.

Daisy, Petal & Rose, our future food producers we hope ( eggs) Mum gave DD them to her for 7th B'day.
Top secret mission with these photos so I will just show the unfinished book for now.
Will add in some pages in a week or two!! We have made a girly one too.
This is my new favorite tool. Everything is good about this machine, nothing bad that I can see!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

This fish...........called Cassy after DD's best friends (who happens to be a girl, the fish is a boy but can be called a girl names as He is red) has been making lots of air bubbles, I googled it, got to love google how can any one not know something with that at our finger tips??? No excuses dumb people ha ha
Any way the verdict was that only the Males make these bubbles, YES the fish is truly a BOY , when this happens it means that they wish a female would get in the tank with them and lay eggs in the bubble nest.
Wow isn't that info making your day so much more interesting.
Here is Cassy that wants babies in his nest.
Thought for Wednesday  is ..............jump in puddles!!
Count Down is on.............

Waiting for the stork to bring this baby via family delivery tomorrow

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day All

DD & I tried to make Valentines day special, DH & DS2 tried too, but thanks to DS1 the beautiful meal & photo that I have planned to get ( us all dressed in red/family pic) did not happen. The meal did the photo didn't!!!
 I feel really down & sad that no matter how hard I try & DD too, we can't get this backward family of ours to all be happy at the same time.
I feel like giving up. Here are the little treat bags I make up, they have lip gloss or face cream/cleanser/back rub in them with some chocky's depending on which one got each bag!!! DD got the one with lip gloss!!!

After being told that I was fat & looked like Grandma I felt like putting the silly bags over my head & running into the darkness of the Australian Bush!!!!

Help look who came after Mum & Dad's arrival, this little scary person.
Birthday Girl turned 7 , where did those years go?? Here she is with the Barbie cake , I tried to make a skirt for Barbie out of cake, but her legs were too long, so had to make a material one as well!!
She had a wonderful day with a little friend over for a sleep over, a  surprise visit from Grandad & Grandma
 ( my parents) that came with 3 chickens for a gift.
Ok I know I have been missing in blog world, but I have had to deal with this and this is half the pile, not to mention getting it all on to our computer program too. I am almost done, both the pile & in the head!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

So much is happening that I hardly know where to start!!!

We got home from hospital, DD recovered very well, no problems at all.

Rosey gave my blog a make over too, Thank you very much

Then the very next week we had back to school, which was  busy week taking DD to settle into year 2, running DH in to Dr's as he still has alot of pain in his shoulder, so he has been taking too many pain killers & we still haven't got too the bottom of what is wrong. He is going to try phsyo and see how he goes with that. He is sleep better so hopefully he is getting better.

 On the crafting front, I am happy to say that I got a few more UFO's finished, I'm going to do them all before I start any thing new!!! The ones I want to do that is, the ones that I don't I will donate!!!!!

Making a few doll bits & pieces as we have a 7th B'day looming up soon too, so it's all go here.

Plus to top all this off I have my DS1's first GF ( GIRL FRIEND) coming for a visit this week end, so I have been cleaning and stressing like the mad women that I am. Help ..........I feel too young to be sooooo old with my Sons getting GF's etc.
DD is crossing her fingers & toes that said GF will play Barbies with her, I can only hope that we all get on great.

I ponder what to say, do I want to scare her away , warn her of my son's temper or what?????

That is the question, I guess like most tricky/hard/weird days it usually passes and we survive and become stronger for your experiences. This sure seems like  huge one to me, with a huge TITLE  = Sleep over Rules!!!!

Also I have been taking my POD for this year, so far so good, I have been inspired by these beautiful printables that I plan to use in my SMASH book. There are so many wonderful free goodies on pinterest, if you aren't already on there , what are you waiting for???

Also still thinking about my OLW = Fun, so much to do this year!!!!

Until next time stay safe & happy & please have some FUN. xx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun ?

Well DD is recovering very well after her op. She slept for a solid 14 hours straight after getting out of hospital, she said she was sooo tired! When we looked for some FUN in this latest happenings, strange it may seem but DD was very excited about getting Her tonsils out, she had been sick so much this past year. We are all looking forward to better health, that will be FUN, also Smurfy got to have a ride on a balloon horse while we waited to go into theater so she had FUN.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out of Hospital

Thanks to eveyone for well wishes & visitors to Lauren. We are out of hospital & feeling ok, just laying low for a few more days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonsils out . This is the day right at this moment DD will be getting her's out.
One nervous Mummy here, but she is super excited, not sure why. Maybe it's the mention of jelly & ice cream & lots of it??? Having a short blog break until we are all back on deck.

Monday, January 16, 2012

FUN or not we had to take DH to the Dr for pain meds, he has a torn shoulder muscle so in lots of pain.
I said to him "what's the FUN about this? " he said " Well we get to go for a drive through the beautiful green grass,( yes, for a change we have green grass at this time of year) we are together & also out to lunch" so we did, Finding more FUN even when we aren't all well can be a challenge, but it's one we are doing together.
PS     HE SAID " I LOVE YOU"  wow for any of you that know us this is very rare, so I'm smiling!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flowers for Rosey

Thank you for giving my blog a make over, you are the best, most clever person I know!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friends = Fun

Friends can be so much fun, great to chat to, laugh with and share with. Today I was reminded of that as yesterday  I had a very long chat to two dear friends, today a call from another. I feel blessed to have these wonderful fun ladies in my life to give me a giggle when I need one. I hope I give back as much as I get out of my friendships. Love you all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FUN can = Shopping 4 Shoes

Well here is my FUN update coming fresh from the FUN FACTORY ha ha, well DD & I had FUN we had to by DD new school shoe, but it was a buy 1 get next 1/2 price, so what did we do we brought DD a second pair of ..............................high heels, Her first ever heels, all of 3.5 cm high!!!!!!!

I have been selling Miche Handbags, not sure that I have mentioned that here???????????

But any way back to the story, I was thrilled to find perfectly matching in colour sandles for me the same shade as my new bag!!! YAHeeeee   for me. Pic's to come but for $25 & they too are heels , I'm happy, I can even still walk after wearing them all day so that is a plus.

Also we DH, DD & I had FUN wasting $5 on a machine that was supposed to catch us a toy SMURF, to our delight ,
at our last this is rigged attempt SMURFETTE got caught & came down the shoot.

I'm not sure which of the 3 of us was HAPPIEST, I know only a cheap little smuf person, but I'm really looking at every thing that can & Will be FUN & this was a moment!!!!

Sorry if my crazy post offends, I don't care I will say it just as it is this year!!!!!!

 Bye stay safe &  find some FUN in your day.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Little Word = FUN

I have been reading lots of different blogs, the fashion is to choose one little word, maybe one a month, maybe for the year, anything to inspire us to live that word & actually do it!!!!
My word is FUN, I figure that to be Happy & to have FUN, with family & friends can't be a bad thing.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, but we have today & that is now & lets get some FUN in our days.
Not really sure how I'm going to get this happening but I will, even if it's just reading something funny, remembering a funny happening, or just plain out taking a hard look at our life & laughing at how serious & crazy we take it.
Doing more things that are random, getting a good ole belly laugh a day it the idea!!
Feel free to share this word with me, your journey to finding it, what you are doing to have FUN in your every day life??????
In future I will put any blog posts about this under the FUN label so that I can update you all on the FUN.
Thanks to my handful of followers you all make me feel that I'm not just talking to myself online :)

This year I'm going to have less beating around the bush so hang on the ride could be wild..........ha ha ha
Bye x

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get ready

I think my on line friend is going to help me have a face lift soon, fresh & new & fun coming this way soon!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Xmas Past

Here is the finished Xmas dress & a huge pile of Xmas present, well we did have 24 people for Xmas Day, some uninvited ones too, but we all got through the day, and fell into bed exhusted that night.

And the New Year has taken off with out me already ......................................wait for me