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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mysteryous Mysteries in March

Its all about what happens & you have no idea why, where or even when some times, the things that never get solved, just some thoughts that come & go that you don't always catch.

feel free to add to them in the comments, all be updating as they grow.

  • why does one some socks get holes and not the other?
  • who shifts things when no one else did?
  • water bottles empty, but rarely fill
  • every ones always hungry
  • I still crave chocolate
  • it'll shower  rain when you've just hang the last of 5 loads of washing to dry
  • when you get a day alone, you spend it all up wondering which wonderful project to do first
  • when your at your worst you Dh says you are beautiful = he needs eye appointment fast!!
  • you loose you whistle , forget step 1 & 2, but remember step three is "you must eat grass"
  • the days that you feel like gardening but have no fresh plants to plant & no way your not going to weed.
  • snatches of conversation that you here on the school bus " such & such put the pet ******* on the back of a chair & it fell off , she killed it " OOps :(

to be continued by Wen ( that's me) and my crazy sista Roz ( that's Her)

Oh and this is my mood today below

Friday, March 1, 2013

February our life in photos!!

Back to school with Princess Lily

H2O Mermaid 8th Birthday Party for Laurens.
Our Family,
 Taking down the Xmas Tree
 Getting school books ready
 Hot Air Ballooning, Lauren's face says it all, she's so scared, but enjoyed it 5 min. before we landed.

 Safe on solid ground

A treasure I found while on holiday, matches my craft room perfect.