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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elfeen's Back

Elfeen is our very own Elf on the Shelf, if your not sure what that is google it my friend & and you will learn all that you will ever need to ;)

This is Her 3rd year to visit us, and She has been having lots of fun each night, so much in fact that I'm getting a little concerned that She is forgetting to take Her self back to Santa each night to report on our behavior, so I guess we will see if we get switchy sticks or goodies beside our beds come Xmas morning.

 In trying out a new program Called   Remember-365,  so far I'm loving it as it's so much faster then fiddling around with Photoshop, yes it is in beta mode so hopefully it will improve but I think it's a great start. It is very similar to Becky Higgins Project Life app, ( Only for i things so far) but as I save all my photos to my PC before I start my pages ( I need to collect photos from at least 3 camera's/phones) No internet is too terrible to have anything uploaded to a cloud!!!! I have been really hoping that some clever person could simplify Photo Shop & I say this program has done that, it can only get better so it's a happy day for me & other nerdy people.  Please note that for some reason my journaling hasn't saved, might be a glitch with either the program or operator, ha ha.

I'll update Elfeen's progress as the days quickly count down until the fat hot bloke arrives!!!!

December 2014

I'm shocked to see it's a whole month since I have updated here, hanging my head in shame as I'm sure no blogging queen.
Christmas is well & truly happening here this year.

  • So far we have decorated the tree
  • Wrapped half the present ( need to buy the rest yet :)
  • Put up a swimming pool, a must living here it's soooo hot this year
  • Thought about Xmas cooking, I plan to make some plum puddings & rum & apricot balls, some for gifts, the rest to EAT
  • Elfeen has come back, it's her 3rd year to visit. ( Elfeen is our Xmas Elf, yes she's a girl, yes she is naughty but also nice & hopefully she's giving Santa a good report on us all each night.
See next Blog Post for Elfeen's  Updates &  Photos