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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cup cakes Anyone???

Here are the 99 minus a few :)   that I made for our school fund raiser Xmas in July Fair.  I am so over the sight of cakes & icing them!! I just hope that the little old Grannys have their cuppa ready to wash them down with as I think they are the worst cup cakes I have ever made & could be chokers!!!
Too bad , I'll be saying " oh I wonder who made those beautiful cakes",  really loud. hahah sure need a laugh this week as it's been very sad with the death of a local man, killed way too soon in life.

Flowers for My Son

Have never mentained here before that our 3rd Son died in a terrible home accident when He was almost one. A sadness that we live with every day.  These flowers I made up to place on his grave this week, I really enjoy working with flowers, when I grow up I want to be a florist.


While we were away DD so wanted to buy a mask for $20, being the cheapy that I am at times,  I said no way, we can make a prettier one then that at home, so we did. We had fun crafting together, only had to buy the raw mask & spray paint, the rest I already had in my stash. What do you think...........mask shop coming up ???? haha

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Lttle Girls

Aren't they just so cute?

Holidays snaps

We took our 3 Kiddos to see the snow & ski, not too many places that we can do this in our country!!
We all had a blast, learnt to ski in a fashion & looked around our Capital City of Canberra for a week as well.
Learn all about catching flights, so I actually got on one of the planes that I'm always looking up in the sky at & went for a trip!! I know crazy lady is back!!!! Here are some of our shots.