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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elfeen's Back

Elfeen is our very own Elf on the Shelf, if your not sure what that is google it my friend & and you will learn all that you will ever need to ;)

This is Her 3rd year to visit us, and She has been having lots of fun each night, so much in fact that I'm getting a little concerned that She is forgetting to take Her self back to Santa each night to report on our behavior, so I guess we will see if we get switchy sticks or goodies beside our beds come Xmas morning.

 In trying out a new program Called   Remember-365,  so far I'm loving it as it's so much faster then fiddling around with Photoshop, yes it is in beta mode so hopefully it will improve but I think it's a great start. It is very similar to Becky Higgins Project Life app, ( Only for i things so far) but as I save all my photos to my PC before I start my pages ( I need to collect photos from at least 3 camera's/phones) No internet is too terrible to have anything uploaded to a cloud!!!! I have been really hoping that some clever person could simplify Photo Shop & I say this program has done that, it can only get better so it's a happy day for me & other nerdy people.  Please note that for some reason my journaling hasn't saved, might be a glitch with either the program or operator, ha ha.

I'll update Elfeen's progress as the days quickly count down until the fat hot bloke arrives!!!!

December 2014

I'm shocked to see it's a whole month since I have updated here, hanging my head in shame as I'm sure no blogging queen.
Christmas is well & truly happening here this year.

  • So far we have decorated the tree
  • Wrapped half the present ( need to buy the rest yet :)
  • Put up a swimming pool, a must living here it's soooo hot this year
  • Thought about Xmas cooking, I plan to make some plum puddings & rum & apricot balls, some for gifts, the rest to EAT
  • Elfeen has come back, it's her 3rd year to visit. ( Elfeen is our Xmas Elf, yes she's a girl, yes she is naughty but also nice & hopefully she's giving Santa a good report on us all each night.
See next Blog Post for Elfeen's  Updates &  Photos

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Home

Hi I thought that for something different I'd share some random photos of my home, my Sons & things I see around me this week!! Just so that my followers can know that there is a crazy person behind the keyboard.
 My drive way, very smokey sky due to lightening fires, but all under control for now!!!
 Looking out my kitchen window, I see my Hubby, Our two little dogs Bingo & Snowy & our black kitten
 Our water supply, dam is more then half empty, we have rain water for drinking.
 Side view of our home that is a house in the end of a shed.
 My front garden in the 6:30 am morning light.
My Sons that are the reason for the smile on my face & the grey in my hair :)
Oh and they are looking at the smoke that they helped happen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Assorted Quilts


Here are some more quilts, I plan to keep adding my crafty photos until I have uploaded all the things I've made, here's a quilt top that I made for a little nephew & for my Mum. Yes mostly all the quilts I've made have been given away.

Neice's Quilts

I made these a few years ago & realize that I hadn't shared them here.

I made one each for three of my nieces',  Lousie, Ayvral & Belle, for their bedroom that they share as they are all less then 2 years apart in age. I 'm a beginner quilter, these are single bed size. I used the same materials but a different pattern for each one.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been inspired for years by three amazing bloggers, countries away from me, they are wonderful Mothers that are also creative &  encouraging to others to be happy where ever we find our selves.
They are Stephanie & Lizzy , Emily
Today I thought I'd check in on Stephanie and I see her challenge BLOG YOUR HEART to share & link our blogs to hers. Make sure to follow Her rules.

It was very fitting seeing as I've had a lot in my heart that needs some air.
So here goes.

1. One of my Random thoughts is how much everyone uses that word HATE, hate this, hate that etc.  My Mum always said "do not say that terrible word about any thing or anyone", its like a swear word, its nasty & not nice. I'm glad this memory has popped into my head as I need to be making sure my children aren't slinging this word around freely, there's far too much Hate around us all that if I can stamp out the word the feeling too might go......I can only Hope.

2. As I'm a Mother of now 3, ( I have had 4 children, that's a sad story, not for today.) Most of my feelings are about my Children & My Mothering and how to be the best I can be, lol with out letting My self down too much, as I'm far from perfect.
My eldest Son ( 21) says he wishes he could go back to being a kid again, so I feel I mustn't be too horrid of a mother.
We that are Mothers all know the ups & downs, but sometimes Mothering is just so sad, times like now when I know one of my children is going through a rough patch, is so sad & is struggling to find his feet, it just pains my heart that I can't help him!!! Why can't we have a magic wand & fix stuff, as well as 4 arms ???

3 I'm so bothered that I haven't managed to keep this blog updated, I have lots that I could blog about that could be interesting as I live in the country, I do lots of things in my day that to me is everyday but to others could be interesting :)
How to know what others consider interesting.

4. Not making the time for creativity is like having vitamins that sit in my cupboard, ha ha they don't work in there but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing I have them. It's like the days that I don't get to craft, it makes me happy to know that I have a mini shop of supplies should the mood strike. Does any one else feel like this.................

5. As the crew are all coming in for food I better go, not that I'm finished.
 I hope you all enjoy reading my crazy thoughts as much as I enjoy reading others. And if you are one of my few followers I do have lots to up load in the future, hang in there

Friday, October 3, 2014

In my flower pot

Here is a rare but very beautiful flower, it only comes out once a year, we've been away too so we are lucky we didn't miss it!!

Wen x

On my desk

I have been keeping up with my project life style yearly photo diary , here's a quick pic to try out my phone app to check if it's still working!!

Wen x

Dressing up this blog

Watch this space I'm looking for a big make over so we will see................


Hello I'm still alive & kicking, I was in shock  to see my last post was soooo long ago, life seems to be happening at too fast of a rate. I am crafting, but just terrible slow at sharing. This ugly blog face here isn't helping either.

Its school holidays here the last before the Xmas ones so I will hopefully get this blog & my BAS fixed next week.

Stay tuned xx

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My blog is a mess

Don't ask me what's going on, but I can't seem to make it look pretty, think I'll have to call on my OS friend Rosey to fix it for me once again. It's tax time so first things first & I hope to get a blogging diary happening. Thank you for your patience, that's if I even have any followers left LOL
So many thought to share, but not now........

Monday, May 19, 2014

Neglected Blog Award

goes to me!!!!
When all else is crazy, sad or just plain bad I loose inspiration to post. Please don't delete me from your blogs to follow, I hope to be over my depressing days soon. Need to gather some photos & share the happy times!!! Watch this space.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's on my Table

On my desk this week, making a baby cake gift for my newest little nephew born last week......welcome Levi Mackenzie
fourth son for my brother & his wife.

Wen x

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On my desk

Repurposing some cardboard boxes into a nursery for all Barbies Babies, and a time out pink free room for Ken to chill out in!!
Using up some old papers & some of the many stickers that I never use. I'm trying to be a better Mummy & spend more time with DD (9) before she's too grown up.
Spending an hour or so most afternoons creating together, this paddle pop building is really testing my building abilities, inventions in progress are
Barbie baby change table
Baby cot to go into the pink nursery because Barbie only has girls!!!!

Wen x

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today's cuteness

It's Monday, time to start the rat racing all over again, stop & pause be thankful for everything that we have. Have a good week !!

Wen x

My brand new niece

No words needed she's just Beautiful, my brother has waited a long time for this baby!!!

Wen x

Birthday girl

Flash back to earlier this month
Birthday girl is now 9. My Baby's getting so old too fast.

Wen x

On my desk

Here's what I started with & ended up with, I used
An old canvas
Texture paste
Green, blue, purple, pink & yellow spray on paint
2 paint templates

I covered my pre used canvas with a coat of texture paint, let it dry & randomly spray painted here & there until I felt that it was a good coverage. Let it all dry, then put the stencils over it & dabbed plain paint over it, after it dried I painted over the top again with a paintbrush then I put some liquid glitter on for dimension , I plan to spray it with glossy varnish so that I can easily wipe any future dust off.

Wen x

Scrap Room refresh

Spent a day pottering about, I'm loving my new sign , I decorated the tops of my scrap room cupboard. Also sorted out my DDs corner.

Wen x

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine Family Pic's

Here we are,  we decided to go out for dinner as it was the last time that our family would all be together for ages. Had the tripod out for a few photos, which caused
 much groaning & moaning from the Kids!!! Our dinner was also a disaster too as we had to wait 2 hours for our cold meal. But time together is what matters.