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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas Decorations

The rate time is flying this could be my last post before Christmas is upon us, here are some pic's of our Xmas this year. Best Wishes for a safe, loving, delightful Christmas to my few followers & my besty that is a lurker here, you know who you are :)  Due to the fact that I haven't managed to clone my self my blog is very quite. Update is that I'm trying to finish painting my DD's cubby house, do Xmas cooking, wrap tonnes of presents, keep this family of 5 feed, cleaned & washed & ironed for , get my gardens tidy, chase down the hundreds of spiders that think they should live with us, not to mention just the day to do stuff & ooops almost forgot the fact that I book keep for our business as well. Scrapping is a sad memory at the moment. But please note that I cut these Reindeer's with my cricut machine ( on the front of my cabinet)
On my Santa wish list is to get all the jobs done so I can have time to create, for with out that I'm just a robot!!!!

Our creek

About an half an hour motor bike ride gets you to our creek, so much fun to swim in. Just wish it was a little closer/ quicker to get to. With all the rain we have had this year the flood fences have been washed down almost every 2nd week!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Incase you didn't already know

that this Lady makes the most wonderful Digital Files &  whats so wow is that they are all free for us to use.
I can't wait to use some of the kits that I have down loaded, so beautiful & any one can scrap with so much free choice of goodies around. I have Her button on the side here < go &  check it all out. Too good not to share. Thank you Summer for all your wonderful work that you share with us.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegies any one?

Here they are fresh out of our garden.

Monday, November 22, 2010

K's Year 12 Graduation Evening

They both arrived in separate red maloo utes, Walked up the red carpet hand in hand !! They aren't girl/boyfriends but good friends, I think they make a cute pair all the same. Pround of you K, you made it, even when it wasn't easy. Best Wishes for your dreams to come true, Love Mum & Dad & J & L xxxxx

What you do

just to get to the last day of year 12. I day before the Grad dinner & yes this Mummy was stressing big time that We would miss K's Year 12 Grad.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here's one for the Scrap Wispers Challenge, can be black & white photo with colour papers etc or the other way around, as I don't have any black & white digital paper yet this is the way I chose. Awwww that stinks I was just too late by a few minutes to get this linked for the challenge :(  I need to get a move on next time.

My Sisters Garden

Wild Flowers for all my on line friends.

Afternoon Fishing

I have been away , back again &  now life has been jammed on fast forward all last month. The rate it's going we will miss Xmas alltogether. I hope to putting up some new crafting soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Puppy

DS2 has a new piggin dog, called Dozer!!!
 He is cute now, but will soon grow old & ugly like the best of us :)


in our garden , greens for tea, yummy.

My favourite Girls

Here they are my DD (L) &  my neice who is also a  ( L)!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We all need good trust worthy friends, I'm thankful for my handfull of friends. Have a great week every one.

Strawberries any one???

Digi again, I'm really torn at the moment as I 'm in love with digital scrapping now that I have had a few Photoshop lessons, thanks DS1...........but I brought Amy's Embossing & Pen holder Kit so I really want to be playing with that as well, BUT I really should be doing our books. Why can't life be all fun???


Another digi page which is really a fun wast of time because the printing options are nil in this country :(

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

Here is my first from scratch, with a digi kit I should say layout, I loooove it. What do you all think?
The Kit is from Gotta Pixel it's called "Life is a Beautiful Thing" What's more beautiful then my SIL's wanted Baby??

Friday, October 1, 2010

For My Friend

You know who you are, you shamelessly lurk on my blog & never even leave me a comment :( you dobbed your self too :) Hope you are having a wonderful day. DD 's cubby is on the to finish list today & I might just sneak in some more crafts!!! These are every where in my garden, wish you could drop in & have a coffee with me like old times.................miss you.

Mixed Cards

Here are some that I made yesterday, I leave putting either a Happy birthday, hello, etc until I know who I'll be giving the card to, that way they are ready for any thing,. like me ha ha, used scraps that I had left over from some scrapbooking layouts I'm working on.

Family Frame

I brought this frame on line as I sure do not have a scrapbooking shop near me, I'm in love with all the wonderful ideas people have on how to decorate this 7 gypsie artist tray. Thinking that I might even do some up for family Xmas gifts, because this is the last day of September so might as well start on the Xmas List, even if just mine :) I have printed these photos at home so not great quality, but as these frames don't have glass at the front they will weather, I have use re positional glue on the back so that I can easily( I hope) remove the photos & re do them in the future.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Markers

Over at the ScrapWispers site there is a tutorial on how to make these, very cute & quick to make, give them a go, it's a blog hop so you have to jump around and visit every one!!! Have fun with these.

Camp Fire

This page is a camp fire themed challenge that will suit the Scrap Wispers Challenge I have also included metal in my fire & metal tages, so it also fits in to this "Devil in the details " Challenge over at  Scrap the Boys, my campfire is using a free file from Serenity (thank you), I have also added to that file & coloured it as well. Thanks for looking .

Nick name Fred's

Here is another page for the  "  What did you call me " Challenge over at Scrap the Boys Jed has always been called Fred's. Note my Freddy Frog that I used the SCAL software to make from a picture, love this program.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quite here

could be a bit quite here for a bit as I have been busy cleaning the house, as visitors are coming. It is also school holidays here too for the next week & a half. But I am getting more scrapbooking done then ever in my life before so thats gotta be good. Thanks for visiting & please leave a comment.

Ribbon Holder

With the help of DS1 to drill the holes, we made this ribbon holder, the container is only half full yet, most of the holes are full!!! I like that it is dust proff, some thing that we need living in the country.

Virtual Baby Winner

DS 1 had to bring home a baby from school for the week end in year 11. He was the best Daddy & wouldn't let us near it as he wanted to get the best score, he did he won $200 for taking great care of it.

Snow Girl

This page has been created by DD (5) of our snow holiday.

Cave Girl

All my cut outs are done with the Cricut machine & some is using the SCAL program. Here we are at an under ground mine that is close to where we live.

Fashion Parade

Two little friends, this is their third time on the cat walk!! DD made this page mostly by herself, I helped with the cricut people.

Called Bart

This is for a challenge over at Scrap the Boys , had to be about your Son's nick names.
This is my fist ever break apart file, created with SCAL program , only using a picture to start with, I have also used jounaling circle cut with my cricut machine, using the same program, thanks to Amy's idea on her blog. Amy used DS, but can use either, it is some where on Her blog. I also have ordered all of Amy's goodies too so check them out while you are there!!!


Last years school football.

@ Home

Our eldest Son is a little nerdy, a real whiz on the computer, it's His favourite thing to do.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spring Rain

brings some mushrooms, my photo of the day!!

1st Greens

from our vegie gardens, DD is proud of our gardening efforts & so am I. But all the Men in the family aren't too happy as silver beet is not a favourite!!! It grows well.

Old Gate

Found this old treasure down at our cattle yards that some old timer had made all by hand, note how well the rails are fitted to the side posts, it's now a feature in my garden, this is a climbing sort of vine that I've threaded through it. Thanks for visiting me

My Garden in Spring

My Eldest DS did the mowing & I got to do some mulching & weeding, also I stuck this old gate in for something differant, it's looking better if I say so myself.

Jeans Bag

Here is my reuse something old project of the month!! Take an old pair of jeans/skirt cut across just above the fork of jeans, turn inside out, sew up the seam , use left over scraps to make a handle, make a pretty sash to tread through belt loops, make a lining also if you wish & attach by sewing it inside the bag, I sewed along the waist band as the sash covers any stitch lines you would other wise see. Very quick & simple. Makes a great bag for carrying a water bottle, camera & purse.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring is here


Sorry this one looks a little weird!! Have the boots in a scut.  file if anyone wants it