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Friday, March 18, 2011


what a beautiful way to wake up , to the sound & smell of rain, we have had so many droughts here to not still love rain , even if we have had an amazing last few months, make that at least 6 months of regular rain, green grass for that long is un heard of in this area of Australia. So today I have a smile on my face as I listen to the best music ever.............rain on a tin roof. Have  a great day, be thankful for what you have, when there are so many with out everything.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teachers Aiding

I have two days aiding work this week at a Primary School, I came home today totally exhausted, I take my hat off to every Teacher & Aide, to face up to all those kids each day, soo many Kids are struggling, it would have to be the most depressing job , so many little kids need so much more help from their parents at home, but do the parents get told often enough that hey,"  your child could do with some help at home in this area." I love that they (little kids) think it's so wonderful when you help them & I said to a little boy today "great job, you did really well" he just looked at me with wonder, a little bit of praise goes sooo far in any ones life, we all need that small well done, good try etc to boost us along, to put a smile in our hearts.
So to all the Teachers that do make a difference thank you, your job is huge.Mean while who should be in her "school area " yelling at kids (invisible ones) & getting exasperated at them  as I type - Miss Lauren future teacher in training.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watch this space

I am working on the 3rd  quilt for my beautiful little nieces, they are all different but using the same fabric's as they are all together in their little bedroom. Have just finished another quilt for another family baby, more on the way at this rate I'll never catch up. I have this weird idea that I want to give every one that is special to me something that I have made as a keep sake just from Me?? Is this strange ? Who knows but it sure keeps me broke & busy. After these are done & dusted I 'm starting on my Son's King single size quilt, his house warming gift. So..........watch this space for photos to come next week, as I have been asked to do some relief teachers aiding work as well this week, so busy busy is the chant.  Have to share a giggle with you all,
My Sista has a wonderful little girl, the other day my sis says to her self  " awww I'm supposed to be busy,"  L looks around & says Busy who's Busy???? Too cute, love her so much.

When she see's me her eye's light up & she says " it's a wen-ee"

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've got IT back-- happy dance here

what is IT you might ask, well IT's my creative streak, for taking a Photo Of  Day ( POD)  today I was so tired from a hectic/crazy/insanely busy past couple of weeks, (too exhusted to even blog about it)wandering around the house feeling totally blah........ AND it hit me I actually felt motivated to take photos, the whole take a photo of the day this year has been a drag & and I was getting down that I hadn't felt the pull to take many pictures, of course I want to,  but just hadn't seen any thing creative to spark me up.
That is until I was thinking about things I love
and things I dislike alot, hate is a nasty word so I will refrain from saying that here LOL

they are as follows

I  Do Not Like 
 hot cross buns
colour green
being bossed
being late & others not being on time
animals that can &  will eat you
people that act worse then these animals
eating a hot breaky with out a cuppa
coffee with out 2 sugars & lots of milk
having to wake up early
cleaning out the fridge
answering the phone when feeling this tired
being hot
these are just a few that come to mind straight away.
And because I wanted to finish with the best parts here is my Loves list not an any special order.

I Love
My Family &  Best Friends , My Sista
Anything Red
Shoes & handbags,  but hey that a given seeing as I'm female!!!
Being able to have a shower in the mornings
Living where I never smell people smoking
Bubble baths
Skype as I get to see said Sista & Neice
My camera &  the feeling I have behind it now that it's back LOL
My blue & white china collection, thanks to friends &  family
Walking bare foot on our lawn or beach sand
The smell of rain
My pot plants
My childrens hands in mine & random cuddles
The " I love yous"  that are from the heart
Washing clothes ( it's a family thing passed down from Mother to Daughters etc)

Ok now that you all know some of my many Loves & dislikes here are a couple of photos to share.
My Daughters teddy
Thanks for visiting my ramblings today x   Sneak peak ^