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Friday, October 3, 2014

In my flower pot

Here is a rare but very beautiful flower, it only comes out once a year, we've been away too so we are lucky we didn't miss it!!

Wen x

On my desk

I have been keeping up with my project life style yearly photo diary , here's a quick pic to try out my phone app to check if it's still working!!

Wen x

Dressing up this blog

Watch this space I'm looking for a big make over so we will see................


Hello I'm still alive & kicking, I was in shock  to see my last post was soooo long ago, life seems to be happening at too fast of a rate. I am crafting, but just terrible slow at sharing. This ugly blog face here isn't helping either.

Its school holidays here the last before the Xmas ones so I will hopefully get this blog & my BAS fixed next week.

Stay tuned xx