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Monday, May 30, 2011

Slack Crafter

that is what I am, I have a craft room/ironing/junk room, I have all day home to myself, but do you think I can get any thing done?? No , just not happening, I seem to have dirty washing, and clean coming out of the thin air, ( cold at this time of year here)  so many clothes to deal with, so much every day mess & dust blah blah, I'm just over trying to be the only cleaner/tidier person in this family. I have to have things done before I can ever sit & craft so I need to forget that & do some thing, one thing different & new every day. I have this killer sore throat that I've had all week, last night I could hardly swallow, I know, " go to the Dr " you might say but that is easier said then done,  1 hours drive, 2 hours waiting to see said Dr that by the way I'd have to wait 2 weeks for the appointment in the first place. Just do not feel like dragging my self through all that to be told, oh you have a virus sorry can't help you!!!! Have some rest,  right !!! As most Mothers know what is rest when you are the one keeping every one else moving etc. Can't sleep any way as I wake just to swallow.

Sorry for the rant, hope you can at least have a grin at me, if you do then please leave a comment so that I know I've given the gift of a smile to you today :) We all need smiles to keep us going. With that I'll go check my busy washing machine & keep inventing the Mummy Robot that will do everything!!!!

B'day Pic's

Ok I know I could get the slack blogger award, but here are the promised B'day Pic's. Me & My family of 5.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthdays & Flu's

Another B'day has rolled around, no longer counting them. Had a wonderful week end at my Cousins Wedding, Birthday party at the park with all my Family (4 brothers, 1 Sister) Mum & Dad & all their families, was nice to have everyone altogether. Spent some time with my DS1, not long enough :(
Got home to another busy flu filled week. Has been a  fast forward week, no time to chat, just go go go.
Sorry will up load pic's another day as my internet is slow now xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well my DD has been sick with a flu all week, have been up night with her, so no new up dates at all, I too have had something weird , fevers & aching all over & feel odd in the chest , hopefully it's just yet another bug. We have the cold weather coming on here so will blame that for now! Having a big  37B'day  family picnic on the week end so I really need to get better fast. Hopefully I'll be back with some pic's.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge 8# Good Enough To Eat

Here is a layout of DD, aged 1 and very worried about her dolly that's in the cake!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OOps need to have this separate. Challenge # 2

Time for some fun

.Add this to your blog! come play with us all at Scrap Whispers

Challenge 1#  Is to put the above here!!

Challenge 2#  Is to create a page using a recipe that is special to you. Here is mine
Challenge 3#  Is what would you like a tutorial on to learn some thing new!!

Challenge 4# Is just up, Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice.......................but it's 10:20pm here and I need to go to bed, as I have to get ready for my Mothers day that DD is planning for me. Night all & have fun scrapping while I sleep.

Happy Mothers Day

to all my many blog readers, so laughing at this, really I need to try collect a few more followers!!!
Any way just wanted to wish any of you that are Mummy's a very Happy , Restful, Carm, Stress free, Relaxing , Beautiful day with the people in your life that helped to make you a Mummy & the person that you are today, live in the moment & enjoy your day. DD has been making me lots of special presents at school, she can hardly sleep at night the excitement is building.  So as I write this I am thinking of all the Mother's Day's past & hopefully lots more in the future, thinking too of My own Darling Mum for with out her I would not be here. ( Needed Dad for this too LOL)  This is a photo of My Mum &  I when I was 12 weeks old, almost 37 years ago. Who would have thought that I could have come so far , through so much & be happy right now where I'm at.
Have a blessed week end with your loved ones xx

Picnic on the lawn

Hello all,

I am feeling really happy today, had a wonderful day yesterday with a great friend, we shared, laughed, scrapped & eat our way through a beautiful day together. The weather is so nice at the moment that I thought I'd share a peek into my life. Last Sunday DD & I hung out together on the lawn, DD was reading to her baby & I was as ever trying to capture the moment, for my old age book of memories. Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May

Well here we are in the best month of the whole year, why you say??
Well the weather is just right, cool, but not cold, the air is fresher with the hint that winter is coming soon.
Also it's Mother's day, My DSon 2 , 15th B'day &  My B'day :) and our wedding ann. (19years )  (that's if we make it) ha ha no all is well, just same old problems that we have always had, not enough talking on DH's side & probably too much on mine as I'm all about sharing!!!  I have been doing our dreaded book work this past few days, will be glad to get to the end of it soon I hope. BUT.........................I have been naughty & found so many more beautiful web sites, I'm in awwww about the thousands of talented people that post on line, makes my feeble blog look soooo sad. I need some fresh crafting to liven up my blog. So many ideas making me dizzy. You have to look at these cakes, they have to be the most wonderful cakes you ever could see http://www.mycakeschool.com/member/videos/wordpress/   I have included a photo from that site. Too pretty not to share & no way could I eat them. What do you think???  I am also going to grab her button & put it here too as I would hate to ever lose this site