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Monday, November 10, 2014

My Home

Hi I thought that for something different I'd share some random photos of my home, my Sons & things I see around me this week!! Just so that my followers can know that there is a crazy person behind the keyboard.
 My drive way, very smokey sky due to lightening fires, but all under control for now!!!
 Looking out my kitchen window, I see my Hubby, Our two little dogs Bingo & Snowy & our black kitten
 Our water supply, dam is more then half empty, we have rain water for drinking.
 Side view of our home that is a house in the end of a shed.
 My front garden in the 6:30 am morning light.
My Sons that are the reason for the smile on my face & the grey in my hair :)
Oh and they are looking at the smoke that they helped happen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Assorted Quilts


Here are some more quilts, I plan to keep adding my crafty photos until I have uploaded all the things I've made, here's a quilt top that I made for a little nephew & for my Mum. Yes mostly all the quilts I've made have been given away.

Neice's Quilts

I made these a few years ago & realize that I hadn't shared them here.

I made one each for three of my nieces',  Lousie, Ayvral & Belle, for their bedroom that they share as they are all less then 2 years apart in age. I 'm a beginner quilter, these are single bed size. I used the same materials but a different pattern for each one.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been inspired for years by three amazing bloggers, countries away from me, they are wonderful Mothers that are also creative &  encouraging to others to be happy where ever we find our selves.
They are Stephanie & Lizzy , Emily
Today I thought I'd check in on Stephanie and I see her challenge BLOG YOUR HEART to share & link our blogs to hers. Make sure to follow Her rules.

It was very fitting seeing as I've had a lot in my heart that needs some air.
So here goes.

1. One of my Random thoughts is how much everyone uses that word HATE, hate this, hate that etc.  My Mum always said "do not say that terrible word about any thing or anyone", its like a swear word, its nasty & not nice. I'm glad this memory has popped into my head as I need to be making sure my children aren't slinging this word around freely, there's far too much Hate around us all that if I can stamp out the word the feeling too might go......I can only Hope.

2. As I'm a Mother of now 3, ( I have had 4 children, that's a sad story, not for today.) Most of my feelings are about my Children & My Mothering and how to be the best I can be, lol with out letting My self down too much, as I'm far from perfect.
My eldest Son ( 21) says he wishes he could go back to being a kid again, so I feel I mustn't be too horrid of a mother.
We that are Mothers all know the ups & downs, but sometimes Mothering is just so sad, times like now when I know one of my children is going through a rough patch, is so sad & is struggling to find his feet, it just pains my heart that I can't help him!!! Why can't we have a magic wand & fix stuff, as well as 4 arms ???

3 I'm so bothered that I haven't managed to keep this blog updated, I have lots that I could blog about that could be interesting as I live in the country, I do lots of things in my day that to me is everyday but to others could be interesting :)
How to know what others consider interesting.

4. Not making the time for creativity is like having vitamins that sit in my cupboard, ha ha they don't work in there but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing I have them. It's like the days that I don't get to craft, it makes me happy to know that I have a mini shop of supplies should the mood strike. Does any one else feel like this.................

5. As the crew are all coming in for food I better go, not that I'm finished.
 I hope you all enjoy reading my crazy thoughts as much as I enjoy reading others. And if you are one of my few followers I do have lots to up load in the future, hang in there