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Monday, August 29, 2011


I wouldn't be with out mine, we know each other dreams & we understand each other, love you so much my dear Sista, love how our Daughters love each other like Sisters too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Clay

Here is a photo of our darling 3rd Son. Clay James was born 25th August 1999, sadly he wasn't with us for a full year as on 22nd August 2000 he was taken from us in a freak home accident. Our lives have been changed forever. We will never forget you Clay, the feel of your little hand in ours, your sleepy head on our shoulders & the wonderful smell that was you. How I wish we could turn back the clock on that fateful day & still have you here on earth with us. You would be in year 7, getting ready for the next step into high school. Would We have brought you a motor bike for your B'day?  Would you still have very blonde hair & beautiful blue eyes.
Your cheeky personality ?  Today on your Birthday we will struggle to remember the too few happy times that we had with you in our lives. Love always Mum, Dad, K, J & L the big Sister you never met xxxxx

Monday, August 22, 2011

All Glammed up for Aimee's Wedding

Here we are off to my DH's nieces wedding, look how much our Baby has grown, all the long straightened hair, look how far we have come 18 years & counting, life hasn't been easy we have the wrinkles to prove it!!!

Kit's Quilt

OK here is the promised quilt photos, just has to be quilted & the binding sewin on. I have sent it to the binding lady. My part in this story is over & I'm very happy as it has been very challenging all the way through as the quilt pattern had to be adapted from a throw size to a Queen bed size, plus there are lots of seams to match up too, lots of un picking to get it right. This quilt is for Kit's Graduation last year & his 18th B'day that too was this month.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

into what I hope to get finished today, the top any way. I'll get it quilted & post another pic then. Gotta get moving happy Monday to all my friends here & therexx

New Silhouette Cutter & MTC

I brought this machine for it's perfect print & cutting, you print your picture, with your own printer,load it & cut around the picture, as easy as 123, but the secret is the MTC software, that is compatible with many different cutting machines, just not the cricut, lots about this wonderful program here MTC

As you can see I have used it for many things already, more to come & hopefully I'll figure out how to share files for those that have MTC & a cutter.

Mother & Daughter Crafting

What can I say, I am so not patient, feel such a bad mother for not doing more with my one & only Daughter that I love too much. But here we are after all. She had the design in her head, just how she needed her baby blanket to be,  she even sewed some of the inside seams, made the handles & over saw the finished baby mat, these are the uses for it , so I've been told
Baby carrier, change mat, picnic rug, breast feeding privacy blanket, a bag when the ends are folded in, it's a all round useful item that every little girl should have for their darling baby doll. L has her baby sleep in bed beside her in the carrier as well. As you can see it's also multi coloured & completely washable.

L (DD) had a little friend over for the day last Friday, the girls where both playing in the cubby house, they came back inside and I said "what have you girls been doing?" The friend said "we have just got pregnant!!" Wow that was a funny moment, so glad that they are only 6 other wise the stress levels would have hit the roof!!!!
L then says " yes Mum we both now have 3 babies each & you are a Grandma, so there how do you like that!!!" I didn't ask any questions & I'm sure they both only know that babies grow in your tummy, so we will leave it at that for a while longer!!!