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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Instagram Link

Hey, sorry it looks like I've had a holiday from blogging, my excuse is that I mostly share all my crafty endeavors over on my IG account these days, I love the simple easy up load, ( because even though we now have up dated to what's supposed to be wonderful internet for country people, it's not as good as the old set up so, major sad here, yes it's cheaper which is great.....more money for crafty goodies ) ha ha ha  any way back to the story......I love the daily inspirations & the time saving that it allows me the instant sharing of projects as they happen, the right now this is what's going down. Be warned it's not all about crafting, mostly it's about real life, work, gardening, cooking etc it's life & it's happens even when like me I've been struggling to find the pause button for the last few years. Feel free to follow me on IG, Westerngirl