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Friday, November 16, 2012

So much happening, Tonight is the Graduation Dinner of my Son's gf, so we will be all dressed up and going out!!! Looking forward to tomorrow for it to be over & I plan to go to town and pick up my first ever brought brand new lounges they are  ( RED) can't wait I have dreamed about getting them for years.
Also have next week to look forward to a visit form one of my best friends :) safe travels Cathy!!!!

I hope that by next Tuesday night we have

  • trimmed the garden = chainsaw it
  • Got my shelves back up in my craft room
That'd be a good start so I'm really needing my DH to help with most of it.
Until then I really need to get my POD = Photo of the Day to get caught up, I'm so far behind with it this year that I get a fright every time I think about dates & the lurking ghost of Santa in the back of my mind, a Santa with no presents yet!!!!

But then what to get a 7 year old DD that has almost every thing, she doesn't want any more toys
her list goes like

  • Laptop computer
  • Four wheeler motor bike
  • guitar
  • Puppy
  • Camera
All huge things!!!

Until my next random post, and if any one ever reads this, have a safe , happy time getting ready for the special time that is Christmas.