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Monday, November 16, 2015

Gathering, pinning, printing, sorting & hopefully making our Christmas Daily 2015 Album soon.
I'm taking an inside away from drought break to get this together while I can.
All I can say if your making your Album from scratch like I am. Google & Pinterest are your best friend!!! If you want to check out some of the goodies I will use this is my link. Wen's Pinterest for December Daily 2015

Watch this space  Until then have a safe great day.x

Friday, November 13, 2015

December Daily 2014

Hi all,

With all the talk of December Daily happening for this year I thought I should share my 2014 one. I brought it, decorated & stuck in mostly photos of Elfeen our Xmas visitor!!!! Waiting & wondering if she will come to us again this year, hope a hungry cow doesn't eat her on her way through our drought country (Australia) LOL Sorry I can't flip these photos so stand with your head side ways & poke a face while looking at these. Just a sample.  I'm off to create this years Daily December 2015 from SCRATCH!!!! Watch this space


Dear Blog

I come here is shock to see it's been so long since I updated.......
Hanging my head in shame but also not making any excuses as life is busy & very full & there is no need to explain all this, my dilemma is how much to share, how much to tell & where to even begin in catching up on this year that has just gone, disappeared, like copow !!!!!

So many photos so much time gone etc etc.

While I ponder this lost year here's some pretty flowers to look at. I was spending time in Brisbane at Roma Street Park while my Dad was recovering from a triple heart by pass. Spent some special days with My Mum too so it wasn't all bad.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby Jack

Here's the little angel, so glad he arrived safe & sound.
 I was privileged to be a helper at his birth. Jack Fletcher


Hi how are you all, that's if any ones visiting here any more??

It's really sad when you go to your own blog for links to other blogs that I follow & realize that it's been sooo long since updating that I forgot how to.

Hanging head in shame, I've done many blog posts but they are still in my head & apparently not on here.

I Have been crafting too. Here's a peak at the first ever crochet baby blanket I made for my new Nephew Baby Jack. If you want the pattern google C2C it's soo easy starting