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Monday, December 19, 2011


Just when I have no time, guess what I joined Pinterest, great now how to work out how to pin, I am directions challenged ( meaning I really struggle to follow written directions) here goes more time . Happy Monday to an Aussies & Happy Sunday to every one else that might visit me!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Xmas 9 days to go

My to do list goes like this

  • make at least 3 plum puddings, (need spares for random gifts)
  • wrap presents ( not many to wrap yet see below)
  • buy yet more presents
  • finish sewing DD's Xmas dress ( urgent, must have Xmas dress even if we have already missed the photo with Santa in said dress)
  • make rum balls ( Have 2 bottles of rum , will this be enough & NO I HATE Rum so it's safe!!)
  • catch up on daily mess ( who cares anyway right)
  • drink coffee ( that's a given)
  • finish my POD album & get the next years one ready for printing ( huge job here as I'm only up to about September groan) Could really relax & be happy if I could get this done asap.
  • Help DD find some space in her room for the Xmas gifts!!!!! Or Santa will take one look & run.
  • Sort out the office as BAS time is coming fast again -HATE that.
So as you see I don't have that much left to do in 9 days LOL why do I try so hard to fail so brilliantly?

In case you all think I'm tricking here are a few photos of work in progress.
Getting ready for the run balls. Xmas cake is cooked now

Logged Out

Sorry my followers, the last 4 times I have tried to login I have been locked out!!! Could not up date at all, but I'm down loading some pics right now, so stay tunned & get a cuppa, fingers crossed I will be able to up load some Xmas works!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I wouldn't be with out mine, we know each other dreams & we understand each other, love you so much my dear Sista, love how our Daughters love each other like Sisters too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Clay

Here is a photo of our darling 3rd Son. Clay James was born 25th August 1999, sadly he wasn't with us for a full year as on 22nd August 2000 he was taken from us in a freak home accident. Our lives have been changed forever. We will never forget you Clay, the feel of your little hand in ours, your sleepy head on our shoulders & the wonderful smell that was you. How I wish we could turn back the clock on that fateful day & still have you here on earth with us. You would be in year 7, getting ready for the next step into high school. Would We have brought you a motor bike for your B'day?  Would you still have very blonde hair & beautiful blue eyes.
Your cheeky personality ?  Today on your Birthday we will struggle to remember the too few happy times that we had with you in our lives. Love always Mum, Dad, K, J & L the big Sister you never met xxxxx

Monday, August 22, 2011

All Glammed up for Aimee's Wedding

Here we are off to my DH's nieces wedding, look how much our Baby has grown, all the long straightened hair, look how far we have come 18 years & counting, life hasn't been easy we have the wrinkles to prove it!!!

Kit's Quilt

OK here is the promised quilt photos, just has to be quilted & the binding sewin on. I have sent it to the binding lady. My part in this story is over & I'm very happy as it has been very challenging all the way through as the quilt pattern had to be adapted from a throw size to a Queen bed size, plus there are lots of seams to match up too, lots of un picking to get it right. This quilt is for Kit's Graduation last year & his 18th B'day that too was this month.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

into what I hope to get finished today, the top any way. I'll get it quilted & post another pic then. Gotta get moving happy Monday to all my friends here & therexx

New Silhouette Cutter & MTC

I brought this machine for it's perfect print & cutting, you print your picture, with your own printer,load it & cut around the picture, as easy as 123, but the secret is the MTC software, that is compatible with many different cutting machines, just not the cricut, lots about this wonderful program here MTC

As you can see I have used it for many things already, more to come & hopefully I'll figure out how to share files for those that have MTC & a cutter.

Mother & Daughter Crafting

What can I say, I am so not patient, feel such a bad mother for not doing more with my one & only Daughter that I love too much. But here we are after all. She had the design in her head, just how she needed her baby blanket to be,  she even sewed some of the inside seams, made the handles & over saw the finished baby mat, these are the uses for it , so I've been told
Baby carrier, change mat, picnic rug, breast feeding privacy blanket, a bag when the ends are folded in, it's a all round useful item that every little girl should have for their darling baby doll. L has her baby sleep in bed beside her in the carrier as well. As you can see it's also multi coloured & completely washable.

L (DD) had a little friend over for the day last Friday, the girls where both playing in the cubby house, they came back inside and I said "what have you girls been doing?" The friend said "we have just got pregnant!!" Wow that was a funny moment, so glad that they are only 6 other wise the stress levels would have hit the roof!!!!
L then says " yes Mum we both now have 3 babies each & you are a Grandma, so there how do you like that!!!" I didn't ask any questions & I'm sure they both only know that babies grow in your tummy, so we will leave it at that for a while longer!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots happening

just too busy at the moment, I promise I will up date more, I just have to get all our tax stuff sorted, finish off my DS1 quilt, bind 3 others, make a dress for a princess, all in the next month. Just letting you all know that I'm still here, having dizzy spells so not feeling the best today. Not even hanging out at my all on line forums either. :(

Monday, June 27, 2011

School Holidays

Here we are already half way to Xmas, this year is going so fast. Have been enjoying having all my chicks home together.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

to one of my dear friends, Happy Birthday to you. ha ha bet you didn't think you'd peak at my blog & see your self !!!! So wish we could do coffee & cake for your B'day. I hope you are being spoilt & have a truely happy day. Best Wishes. Love & miss you heaps & wish you didn't move so far away :(

Friday, June 10, 2011


No crafting done, but I have some more plastic scrap booking paper size drawers coming so I can better sort out my papers,  will be sorting into Boys, Girls, Funky, Baby Boy, baby Girl etc, you get the idea!! I have also tried very hard to contain DD's scrap corner that keeps growing into a messy monster that almost devours my space. I am guarding my space like a Mother crocodile, ready to eat any one that gets too close!!
The other super exciting news is that my Eldest DS is coming home form Uni for 3 whole weeks, so excited to have us all together again.
I know slack no photos, have to get the dust off my camera & get busy.

Until next time have a wonderful time

Monday, May 30, 2011

Slack Crafter

that is what I am, I have a craft room/ironing/junk room, I have all day home to myself, but do you think I can get any thing done?? No , just not happening, I seem to have dirty washing, and clean coming out of the thin air, ( cold at this time of year here)  so many clothes to deal with, so much every day mess & dust blah blah, I'm just over trying to be the only cleaner/tidier person in this family. I have to have things done before I can ever sit & craft so I need to forget that & do some thing, one thing different & new every day. I have this killer sore throat that I've had all week, last night I could hardly swallow, I know, " go to the Dr " you might say but that is easier said then done,  1 hours drive, 2 hours waiting to see said Dr that by the way I'd have to wait 2 weeks for the appointment in the first place. Just do not feel like dragging my self through all that to be told, oh you have a virus sorry can't help you!!!! Have some rest,  right !!! As most Mothers know what is rest when you are the one keeping every one else moving etc. Can't sleep any way as I wake just to swallow.

Sorry for the rant, hope you can at least have a grin at me, if you do then please leave a comment so that I know I've given the gift of a smile to you today :) We all need smiles to keep us going. With that I'll go check my busy washing machine & keep inventing the Mummy Robot that will do everything!!!!

B'day Pic's

Ok I know I could get the slack blogger award, but here are the promised B'day Pic's. Me & My family of 5.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthdays & Flu's

Another B'day has rolled around, no longer counting them. Had a wonderful week end at my Cousins Wedding, Birthday party at the park with all my Family (4 brothers, 1 Sister) Mum & Dad & all their families, was nice to have everyone altogether. Spent some time with my DS1, not long enough :(
Got home to another busy flu filled week. Has been a  fast forward week, no time to chat, just go go go.
Sorry will up load pic's another day as my internet is slow now xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well my DD has been sick with a flu all week, have been up night with her, so no new up dates at all, I too have had something weird , fevers & aching all over & feel odd in the chest , hopefully it's just yet another bug. We have the cold weather coming on here so will blame that for now! Having a big  37B'day  family picnic on the week end so I really need to get better fast. Hopefully I'll be back with some pic's.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge 8# Good Enough To Eat

Here is a layout of DD, aged 1 and very worried about her dolly that's in the cake!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OOps need to have this separate. Challenge # 2

Time for some fun

.Add this to your blog! come play with us all at Scrap Whispers

Challenge 1#  Is to put the above here!!

Challenge 2#  Is to create a page using a recipe that is special to you. Here is mine
Challenge 3#  Is what would you like a tutorial on to learn some thing new!!

Challenge 4# Is just up, Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice.......................but it's 10:20pm here and I need to go to bed, as I have to get ready for my Mothers day that DD is planning for me. Night all & have fun scrapping while I sleep.

Happy Mothers Day

to all my many blog readers, so laughing at this, really I need to try collect a few more followers!!!
Any way just wanted to wish any of you that are Mummy's a very Happy , Restful, Carm, Stress free, Relaxing , Beautiful day with the people in your life that helped to make you a Mummy & the person that you are today, live in the moment & enjoy your day. DD has been making me lots of special presents at school, she can hardly sleep at night the excitement is building.  So as I write this I am thinking of all the Mother's Day's past & hopefully lots more in the future, thinking too of My own Darling Mum for with out her I would not be here. ( Needed Dad for this too LOL)  This is a photo of My Mum &  I when I was 12 weeks old, almost 37 years ago. Who would have thought that I could have come so far , through so much & be happy right now where I'm at.
Have a blessed week end with your loved ones xx

Picnic on the lawn

Hello all,

I am feeling really happy today, had a wonderful day yesterday with a great friend, we shared, laughed, scrapped & eat our way through a beautiful day together. The weather is so nice at the moment that I thought I'd share a peek into my life. Last Sunday DD & I hung out together on the lawn, DD was reading to her baby & I was as ever trying to capture the moment, for my old age book of memories. Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May

Well here we are in the best month of the whole year, why you say??
Well the weather is just right, cool, but not cold, the air is fresher with the hint that winter is coming soon.
Also it's Mother's day, My DSon 2 , 15th B'day &  My B'day :) and our wedding ann. (19years )  (that's if we make it) ha ha no all is well, just same old problems that we have always had, not enough talking on DH's side & probably too much on mine as I'm all about sharing!!!  I have been doing our dreaded book work this past few days, will be glad to get to the end of it soon I hope. BUT.........................I have been naughty & found so many more beautiful web sites, I'm in awwww about the thousands of talented people that post on line, makes my feeble blog look soooo sad. I need some fresh crafting to liven up my blog. So many ideas making me dizzy. You have to look at these cakes, they have to be the most wonderful cakes you ever could see http://www.mycakeschool.com/member/videos/wordpress/   I have included a photo from that site. Too pretty not to share & no way could I eat them. What do you think???  I am also going to grab her button & put it here too as I would hate to ever lose this site

Friday, April 22, 2011


Who's a beautiful girl ? Montanna
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Here are the cute feet of the lastest family member, a little neice Montanna, she is sooo cute, wish we could keep her for our own.
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Happy Easter

Hi all, well the followers that I have any way , ha ha I have soooo many. Just wanted to wish you all a happy safe, love filled Easter Time. We are all together so, for that I'm thankful for , as well as the good friends we have, esp. the one that dropped in and had a cuppa with me today!!! I hope in the near future (laptop willing) to have some photos to up load.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If I have any new followers, welcome, hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do. Meet Garfeild, he is one of our 3 cats!!!

Kabana & Pasta

Yum this receipe is so easy & yummy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Now that we have made some changes to our Sundays , I love having our family all to our selves, no more wasted days away, being bored to death both spiritually & mentally. We love to go for a walk, what better way to take in all that we have & be re newed by nature for the week ahead. I believe that we all have the same chance's to find God, but some of us have to find him our own way & not be forced  or blackmailed & threatened into believing, true belief comes from the heart , given to us by God & I  having felt his wondrous  love, I'm so grateful that the truth & lies have set us free to be our selves in our walk with God.  Strong ramblings today. Cuddle your loved ones closer & be thankful as I am.

Friday, March 18, 2011


what a beautiful way to wake up , to the sound & smell of rain, we have had so many droughts here to not still love rain , even if we have had an amazing last few months, make that at least 6 months of regular rain, green grass for that long is un heard of in this area of Australia. So today I have a smile on my face as I listen to the best music ever.............rain on a tin roof. Have  a great day, be thankful for what you have, when there are so many with out everything.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teachers Aiding

I have two days aiding work this week at a Primary School, I came home today totally exhausted, I take my hat off to every Teacher & Aide, to face up to all those kids each day, soo many Kids are struggling, it would have to be the most depressing job , so many little kids need so much more help from their parents at home, but do the parents get told often enough that hey,"  your child could do with some help at home in this area." I love that they (little kids) think it's so wonderful when you help them & I said to a little boy today "great job, you did really well" he just looked at me with wonder, a little bit of praise goes sooo far in any ones life, we all need that small well done, good try etc to boost us along, to put a smile in our hearts.
So to all the Teachers that do make a difference thank you, your job is huge.Mean while who should be in her "school area " yelling at kids (invisible ones) & getting exasperated at them  as I type - Miss Lauren future teacher in training.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watch this space

I am working on the 3rd  quilt for my beautiful little nieces, they are all different but using the same fabric's as they are all together in their little bedroom. Have just finished another quilt for another family baby, more on the way at this rate I'll never catch up. I have this weird idea that I want to give every one that is special to me something that I have made as a keep sake just from Me?? Is this strange ? Who knows but it sure keeps me broke & busy. After these are done & dusted I 'm starting on my Son's King single size quilt, his house warming gift. So..........watch this space for photos to come next week, as I have been asked to do some relief teachers aiding work as well this week, so busy busy is the chant.  Have to share a giggle with you all,
My Sista has a wonderful little girl, the other day my sis says to her self  " awww I'm supposed to be busy,"  L looks around & says Busy who's Busy???? Too cute, love her so much.

When she see's me her eye's light up & she says " it's a wen-ee"

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've got IT back-- happy dance here

what is IT you might ask, well IT's my creative streak, for taking a Photo Of  Day ( POD)  today I was so tired from a hectic/crazy/insanely busy past couple of weeks, (too exhusted to even blog about it)wandering around the house feeling totally blah........ AND it hit me I actually felt motivated to take photos, the whole take a photo of the day this year has been a drag & and I was getting down that I hadn't felt the pull to take many pictures, of course I want to,  but just hadn't seen any thing creative to spark me up.
That is until I was thinking about things I love
and things I dislike alot, hate is a nasty word so I will refrain from saying that here LOL

they are as follows

I  Do Not Like 
 hot cross buns
colour green
being bossed
being late & others not being on time
animals that can &  will eat you
people that act worse then these animals
eating a hot breaky with out a cuppa
coffee with out 2 sugars & lots of milk
having to wake up early
cleaning out the fridge
answering the phone when feeling this tired
being hot
these are just a few that come to mind straight away.
And because I wanted to finish with the best parts here is my Loves list not an any special order.

I Love
My Family &  Best Friends , My Sista
Anything Red
Shoes & handbags,  but hey that a given seeing as I'm female!!!
Being able to have a shower in the mornings
Living where I never smell people smoking
Bubble baths
Skype as I get to see said Sista & Neice
My camera &  the feeling I have behind it now that it's back LOL
My blue & white china collection, thanks to friends &  family
Walking bare foot on our lawn or beach sand
The smell of rain
My pot plants
My childrens hands in mine & random cuddles
The " I love yous"  that are from the heart
Washing clothes ( it's a family thing passed down from Mother to Daughters etc)

Ok now that you all know some of my many Loves & dislikes here are a couple of photos to share.
My Daughters teddy
Thanks for visiting my ramblings today x   Sneak peak ^