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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Markers

Over at the ScrapWispers site there is a tutorial on how to make these, very cute & quick to make, give them a go, it's a blog hop so you have to jump around and visit every one!!! Have fun with these.

Camp Fire

This page is a camp fire themed challenge that will suit the Scrap Wispers Challenge I have also included metal in my fire & metal tages, so it also fits in to this "Devil in the details " Challenge over at  Scrap the Boys, my campfire is using a free file from Serenity (thank you), I have also added to that file & coloured it as well. Thanks for looking .

Nick name Fred's

Here is another page for the  "  What did you call me " Challenge over at Scrap the Boys Jed has always been called Fred's. Note my Freddy Frog that I used the SCAL software to make from a picture, love this program.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quite here

could be a bit quite here for a bit as I have been busy cleaning the house, as visitors are coming. It is also school holidays here too for the next week & a half. But I am getting more scrapbooking done then ever in my life before so thats gotta be good. Thanks for visiting & please leave a comment.

Ribbon Holder

With the help of DS1 to drill the holes, we made this ribbon holder, the container is only half full yet, most of the holes are full!!! I like that it is dust proff, some thing that we need living in the country.

Virtual Baby Winner

DS 1 had to bring home a baby from school for the week end in year 11. He was the best Daddy & wouldn't let us near it as he wanted to get the best score, he did he won $200 for taking great care of it.

Snow Girl

This page has been created by DD (5) of our snow holiday.

Cave Girl

All my cut outs are done with the Cricut machine & some is using the SCAL program. Here we are at an under ground mine that is close to where we live.

Fashion Parade

Two little friends, this is their third time on the cat walk!! DD made this page mostly by herself, I helped with the cricut people.

Called Bart

This is for a challenge over at Scrap the Boys , had to be about your Son's nick names.
This is my fist ever break apart file, created with SCAL program , only using a picture to start with, I have also used jounaling circle cut with my cricut machine, using the same program, thanks to Amy's idea on her blog. Amy used DS, but can use either, it is some where on Her blog. I also have ordered all of Amy's goodies too so check them out while you are there!!!


Last years school football.

@ Home

Our eldest Son is a little nerdy, a real whiz on the computer, it's His favourite thing to do.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spring Rain

brings some mushrooms, my photo of the day!!

1st Greens

from our vegie gardens, DD is proud of our gardening efforts & so am I. But all the Men in the family aren't too happy as silver beet is not a favourite!!! It grows well.

Old Gate

Found this old treasure down at our cattle yards that some old timer had made all by hand, note how well the rails are fitted to the side posts, it's now a feature in my garden, this is a climbing sort of vine that I've threaded through it. Thanks for visiting me

My Garden in Spring

My Eldest DS did the mowing & I got to do some mulching & weeding, also I stuck this old gate in for something differant, it's looking better if I say so myself.

Jeans Bag

Here is my reuse something old project of the month!! Take an old pair of jeans/skirt cut across just above the fork of jeans, turn inside out, sew up the seam , use left over scraps to make a handle, make a pretty sash to tread through belt loops, make a lining also if you wish & attach by sewing it inside the bag, I sewed along the waist band as the sash covers any stitch lines you would other wise see. Very quick & simple. Makes a great bag for carrying a water bottle, camera & purse.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring is here


Sorry this one looks a little weird!! Have the boots in a scut.  file if anyone wants it


It's a Boy

Eyelashes Like Yours

Queen of Everything

Not a Dog

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some week end cards

Here are a couple that I put together, DD made the boy card with a little help. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bargin Hunting

A couple of freinds & I did the secound hand shop crawl, look at my blue & white bargin vases, I also brought this red one, I plan to paint my office wall this colour!!! Stay tunned :) Have a great week end

In LOVE with Owls

I have been having fun making some cards & can I just say I am in love with Shrinky Dinky's, special plastic that you can stamp on & then heat with a heat tool or oven & wallarrr you have a tiny little tag!!! Here is a card I made for one of my online besties Rosey.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Bag Album

Here is the mini bag that I followed the instructions for here at ScrapWispers took me a couple of hours but hey I'm slow at following written words, I'd much rather just see it in person!!!