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Monday, November 10, 2014

My Home

Hi I thought that for something different I'd share some random photos of my home, my Sons & things I see around me this week!! Just so that my followers can know that there is a crazy person behind the keyboard.
 My drive way, very smokey sky due to lightening fires, but all under control for now!!!
 Looking out my kitchen window, I see my Hubby, Our two little dogs Bingo & Snowy & our black kitten
 Our water supply, dam is more then half empty, we have rain water for drinking.
 Side view of our home that is a house in the end of a shed.
 My front garden in the 6:30 am morning light.
My Sons that are the reason for the smile on my face & the grey in my hair :)
Oh and they are looking at the smoke that they helped happen.

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