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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well as I'm meant to be doing our business tax, I  have just up dated my blog, cleaned out all the old links that went no where , changed the look, also doing lots of other stuff that is not the tax :( I'm very bad just really struggle to do it and do everything else instead, mean while I'm stressing like mad.................crazy women blogs here what else can I say!!!

Well the scraproom has been painted, with DH's help we've made 5 flat pack white cupboards, but as my shelves aren't back up or painted yet I have no finished photos to share yet!! Boring yes.

We've had some really wonderful week ends with all kids home together & the Boys GF's, they have the best girl friends ever and we all get on so good that I have just got 2 new daughters. So now we have 2 Sons with us, 1 above, and 3 Daughters, and here I was wanting only a smallish family LOL
Feeling very blessed to have these people in our lives, through in some good friends, more family and what more could we need? Nothing at all. Happy Day to you all. I think I'll sneak out of the office to look for a cuppa & chocolate before doing some washing etc, I also need to find a rope to tie my self to the chair & finish my tax.

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