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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello my dear blog followers, you will be wondering what the heck is there to follow when I hardly write any thing. HUGE SIGH sorry , just so you know that I haven't got stuck in a hollow log in the deep bush lands of our place. Here I am with the challenge that I have been trying to keep up. A Photo A day In May, pretty easy really, just need to think about what these different words etc mean to your self & go take some photos, I love taking photos but at times I feel really burnt out & dream of traveling to new areas for fresh things to photograph. But any way I'm enjoying this one, I will put the instructions & my take on them at each photo, if you too are doing this please comment with your blog link as I would love to see what every one else is doing. here is the lady that started of this idea so thank you for your inspiration Chantelle.

 1.  Peace.   To me a Baby sleeping = Peace to the Mother!!
 2. Skyline      Sunset in the west over a neighnours paddock
 3. Some thing you wore today.  My trustly mud boots to keep the grass seed & snakes away!!
 4. Fun.     Playing with our cutest kittens is fun.
 4. Bird.       My best freind Lorna gave me these birds, I was sad as I dropped them & had to glue back together!!
 6.You.   Well this is me, not a bad photo if I say so myself LOL
 7. Someone that inspires you.      My Daughter, there isn't a day that goes my that her love & happiness doen't touch & I want to be a Mummy worthy of Her.

 8. A smell you adore.   Mine would always be rain on dust, that smell when you have hope that a long drought is about to break and there will be better greener days ahead.
9. something you do everyday.   For me the one thing that I seem to do is wash, almost every day with out fail :) I know boring but thats me!!!!

Thank you for looking, I will up date again soon. Bye xx

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  1. Your photos are great!! Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment!!


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