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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Little Word = FUN

I have been reading lots of different blogs, the fashion is to choose one little word, maybe one a month, maybe for the year, anything to inspire us to live that word & actually do it!!!!
My word is FUN, I figure that to be Happy & to have FUN, with family & friends can't be a bad thing.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, but we have today & that is now & lets get some FUN in our days.
Not really sure how I'm going to get this happening but I will, even if it's just reading something funny, remembering a funny happening, or just plain out taking a hard look at our life & laughing at how serious & crazy we take it.
Doing more things that are random, getting a good ole belly laugh a day it the idea!!
Feel free to share this word with me, your journey to finding it, what you are doing to have FUN in your every day life??????
In future I will put any blog posts about this under the FUN label so that I can update you all on the FUN.
Thanks to my handful of followers you all make me feel that I'm not just talking to myself online :)

This year I'm going to have less beating around the bush so hang on the ride could be wild..........ha ha ha
Bye x

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