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Friday, December 16, 2011

Xmas 9 days to go

My to do list goes like this

  • make at least 3 plum puddings, (need spares for random gifts)
  • wrap presents ( not many to wrap yet see below)
  • buy yet more presents
  • finish sewing DD's Xmas dress ( urgent, must have Xmas dress even if we have already missed the photo with Santa in said dress)
  • make rum balls ( Have 2 bottles of rum , will this be enough & NO I HATE Rum so it's safe!!)
  • catch up on daily mess ( who cares anyway right)
  • drink coffee ( that's a given)
  • finish my POD album & get the next years one ready for printing ( huge job here as I'm only up to about September groan) Could really relax & be happy if I could get this done asap.
  • Help DD find some space in her room for the Xmas gifts!!!!! Or Santa will take one look & run.
  • Sort out the office as BAS time is coming fast again -HATE that.
So as you see I don't have that much left to do in 9 days LOL why do I try so hard to fail so brilliantly?

In case you all think I'm tricking here are a few photos of work in progress.
Getting ready for the run balls. Xmas cake is cooked now

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