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Monday, March 7, 2011

I've got IT back-- happy dance here

what is IT you might ask, well IT's my creative streak, for taking a Photo Of  Day ( POD)  today I was so tired from a hectic/crazy/insanely busy past couple of weeks, (too exhusted to even blog about it)wandering around the house feeling totally blah........ AND it hit me I actually felt motivated to take photos, the whole take a photo of the day this year has been a drag & and I was getting down that I hadn't felt the pull to take many pictures, of course I want to,  but just hadn't seen any thing creative to spark me up.
That is until I was thinking about things I love
and things I dislike alot, hate is a nasty word so I will refrain from saying that here LOL

they are as follows

I  Do Not Like 
 hot cross buns
colour green
being bossed
being late & others not being on time
animals that can &  will eat you
people that act worse then these animals
eating a hot breaky with out a cuppa
coffee with out 2 sugars & lots of milk
having to wake up early
cleaning out the fridge
answering the phone when feeling this tired
being hot
these are just a few that come to mind straight away.
And because I wanted to finish with the best parts here is my Loves list not an any special order.

I Love
My Family &  Best Friends , My Sista
Anything Red
Shoes & handbags,  but hey that a given seeing as I'm female!!!
Being able to have a shower in the mornings
Living where I never smell people smoking
Bubble baths
Skype as I get to see said Sista & Neice
My camera &  the feeling I have behind it now that it's back LOL
My blue & white china collection, thanks to friends &  family
Walking bare foot on our lawn or beach sand
The smell of rain
My pot plants
My childrens hands in mine & random cuddles
The " I love yous"  that are from the heart
Washing clothes ( it's a family thing passed down from Mother to Daughters etc)

Ok now that you all know some of my many Loves & dislikes here are a couple of photos to share.
My Daughters teddy
Thanks for visiting my ramblings today x   Sneak peak ^

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  1. It takes some adjusting after a really busy time, doesn't it? {HUGS} Your photos are beautiful - really crisp. Good to see you back!
    Rosey x


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