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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elfeen's Back

Elfeen is our very own Elf on the Shelf, if your not sure what that is google it my friend & and you will learn all that you will ever need to ;)

This is Her 3rd year to visit us, and She has been having lots of fun each night, so much in fact that I'm getting a little concerned that She is forgetting to take Her self back to Santa each night to report on our behavior, so I guess we will see if we get switchy sticks or goodies beside our beds come Xmas morning.

 In trying out a new program Called   Remember-365,  so far I'm loving it as it's so much faster then fiddling around with Photoshop, yes it is in beta mode so hopefully it will improve but I think it's a great start. It is very similar to Becky Higgins Project Life app, ( Only for i things so far) but as I save all my photos to my PC before I start my pages ( I need to collect photos from at least 3 camera's/phones) No internet is too terrible to have anything uploaded to a cloud!!!! I have been really hoping that some clever person could simplify Photo Shop & I say this program has done that, it can only get better so it's a happy day for me & other nerdy people.  Please note that for some reason my journaling hasn't saved, might be a glitch with either the program or operator, ha ha.

I'll update Elfeen's progress as the days quickly count down until the fat hot bloke arrives!!!!

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