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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 2014

I'm shocked to see it's a whole month since I have updated here, hanging my head in shame as I'm sure no blogging queen.
Christmas is well & truly happening here this year.

  • So far we have decorated the tree
  • Wrapped half the present ( need to buy the rest yet :)
  • Put up a swimming pool, a must living here it's soooo hot this year
  • Thought about Xmas cooking, I plan to make some plum puddings & rum & apricot balls, some for gifts, the rest to EAT
  • Elfeen has come back, it's her 3rd year to visit. ( Elfeen is our Xmas Elf, yes she's a girl, yes she is naughty but also nice & hopefully she's giving Santa a good report on us all each night.
See next Blog Post for Elfeen's  Updates &  Photos

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