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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day All

DD & I tried to make Valentines day special, DH & DS2 tried too, but thanks to DS1 the beautiful meal & photo that I have planned to get ( us all dressed in red/family pic) did not happen. The meal did the photo didn't!!!
 I feel really down & sad that no matter how hard I try & DD too, we can't get this backward family of ours to all be happy at the same time.
I feel like giving up. Here are the little treat bags I make up, they have lip gloss or face cream/cleanser/back rub in them with some chocky's depending on which one got each bag!!! DD got the one with lip gloss!!!

After being told that I was fat & looked like Grandma I felt like putting the silly bags over my head & running into the darkness of the Australian Bush!!!!

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