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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother & Daughter Crafting

What can I say, I am so not patient, feel such a bad mother for not doing more with my one & only Daughter that I love too much. But here we are after all. She had the design in her head, just how she needed her baby blanket to be,  she even sewed some of the inside seams, made the handles & over saw the finished baby mat, these are the uses for it , so I've been told
Baby carrier, change mat, picnic rug, breast feeding privacy blanket, a bag when the ends are folded in, it's a all round useful item that every little girl should have for their darling baby doll. L has her baby sleep in bed beside her in the carrier as well. As you can see it's also multi coloured & completely washable.

L (DD) had a little friend over for the day last Friday, the girls where both playing in the cubby house, they came back inside and I said "what have you girls been doing?" The friend said "we have just got pregnant!!" Wow that was a funny moment, so glad that they are only 6 other wise the stress levels would have hit the roof!!!!
L then says " yes Mum we both now have 3 babies each & you are a Grandma, so there how do you like that!!!" I didn't ask any questions & I'm sure they both only know that babies grow in your tummy, so we will leave it at that for a while longer!!!

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