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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Clay

Here is a photo of our darling 3rd Son. Clay James was born 25th August 1999, sadly he wasn't with us for a full year as on 22nd August 2000 he was taken from us in a freak home accident. Our lives have been changed forever. We will never forget you Clay, the feel of your little hand in ours, your sleepy head on our shoulders & the wonderful smell that was you. How I wish we could turn back the clock on that fateful day & still have you here on earth with us. You would be in year 7, getting ready for the next step into high school. Would We have brought you a motor bike for your B'day?  Would you still have very blonde hair & beautiful blue eyes.
Your cheeky personality ?  Today on your Birthday we will struggle to remember the too few happy times that we had with you in our lives. Love always Mum, Dad, K, J & L the big Sister you never met xxxxx

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