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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teachers Aiding

I have two days aiding work this week at a Primary School, I came home today totally exhausted, I take my hat off to every Teacher & Aide, to face up to all those kids each day, soo many Kids are struggling, it would have to be the most depressing job , so many little kids need so much more help from their parents at home, but do the parents get told often enough that hey,"  your child could do with some help at home in this area." I love that they (little kids) think it's so wonderful when you help them & I said to a little boy today "great job, you did really well" he just looked at me with wonder, a little bit of praise goes sooo far in any ones life, we all need that small well done, good try etc to boost us along, to put a smile in our hearts.
So to all the Teachers that do make a difference thank you, your job is huge.Mean while who should be in her "school area " yelling at kids (invisible ones) & getting exasperated at them  as I type - Miss Lauren future teacher in training.

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