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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If your looking for a good book to read ,that covers lots of real life issues,  country life, romance, & history of this  area I live in ,  etc.  Here is a great book that's new out that my Friend Heather Garside has written. Its even available on Amazon, I have a kindle so I brought & down loaded it in a few minutes, then spend all week end reading it. You can also get the Kindle app on your Ipad or Iphone so there's no excuse that you can't read it.
Now I really need Heather to continue her story into a series!!! There is so much still to happen I think.
Please feel free to share Heathers  page as we live in a rural area , it's not easy to get your name out all over the country, I'm trying to help as I really think this is a book that everyone could relate to in some way. And read just for pleasure too.

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