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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost ..............
A whole mouth that is, where did it go I have no idea
in this month I

Started a new job ( teachers aiding) =  FUN

Cleaned out my sons room , getting ready for painting
Drove the school bus a few times
Went to a 2 day quilting work shop
Started yet another quilt ( This one's for DD 7 )
A trip to visit my Son who's studying engineering (very proud of him)
Helped my DD sew a mermaids tail
Did all the Boring Mother stuff ( cooking, cleaning , caring) oops & bill paying!!!!
Had a few family movie nights out
Caught up with some old friends for lunch
Did the whole nasty 2 yearly Dr check up ( then stressed, but every things ok)
Had a few long winded chats on the phone
Looked at my Scrapbooking Papers & dreamed a bit
Pulled some weeds
Watched lots of rain fall 7 inches in a week or 175mm
Drooled over lots of beautiful crafts on pinterest
Tooth Fairy job x 2 times ( DD top teeth )
Checked out the New Shopping Centre ( have been waiting 20 years for this one)
Gee how old do I sound waiting 20 years blah blah get a grip not on the slide down yet!!!!

I'm sure I will remember lots more, all the little things that happen and we never write down, I need to set myself some strict goals

I need to
Get healthy & exercise more
Time management
Cleaning program ( small amounts often)
Get a gardener ( ha ha ha in my dreams, I cleaner would come 1st)
Have some date nights with DH.
See the fun in the everyday ( still struggling with this)
Catch up on my Scrapbooking
Finish UFO's or donate them to the aliens!!
Sleep in more LOL

Until my next breath catching moment stay tuned, Bye x

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