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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FUN can = Shopping 4 Shoes

Well here is my FUN update coming fresh from the FUN FACTORY ha ha, well DD & I had FUN we had to by DD new school shoe, but it was a buy 1 get next 1/2 price, so what did we do we brought DD a second pair of ..............................high heels, Her first ever heels, all of 3.5 cm high!!!!!!!

I have been selling Miche Handbags, not sure that I have mentioned that here???????????

But any way back to the story, I was thrilled to find perfectly matching in colour sandles for me the same shade as my new bag!!! YAHeeeee   for me. Pic's to come but for $25 & they too are heels , I'm happy, I can even still walk after wearing them all day so that is a plus.

Also we DH, DD & I had FUN wasting $5 on a machine that was supposed to catch us a toy SMURF, to our delight ,
at our last this is rigged attempt SMURFETTE got caught & came down the shoot.

I'm not sure which of the 3 of us was HAPPIEST, I know only a cheap little smuf person, but I'm really looking at every thing that can & Will be FUN & this was a moment!!!!

Sorry if my crazy post offends, I don't care I will say it just as it is this year!!!!!!

 Bye stay safe &  find some FUN in your day.

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