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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas Decorations

The rate time is flying this could be my last post before Christmas is upon us, here are some pic's of our Xmas this year. Best Wishes for a safe, loving, delightful Christmas to my few followers & my besty that is a lurker here, you know who you are :)  Due to the fact that I haven't managed to clone my self my blog is very quite. Update is that I'm trying to finish painting my DD's cubby house, do Xmas cooking, wrap tonnes of presents, keep this family of 5 feed, cleaned & washed & ironed for , get my gardens tidy, chase down the hundreds of spiders that think they should live with us, not to mention just the day to do stuff & ooops almost forgot the fact that I book keep for our business as well. Scrapping is a sad memory at the moment. But please note that I cut these Reindeer's with my cricut machine ( on the front of my cabinet)
On my Santa wish list is to get all the jobs done so I can have time to create, for with out that I'm just a robot!!!!

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